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One of the hottest fantasies a male can have is sex with a hypnotized girl. Make a confession, you surely must have had a desire to hypnotizethe prettiest girl in your school, who paid any attention to you only tosay her friends what a stupid freak you are. Sure, you wanted to havefull and complete control over her tight body and fuck the arrogantbitch in every whole. Those lucky hypnotists!

Just 5 minutes ago she was less approachable than Fort Knox, but now sheis in deep trance and is ready to fulfill every your desire. Command herto undress and meet your hard dick with her perfect round ass. There sheis, pulling off her thongs, lifts up her short checked skirt and offersher butt so that you can use it any way you may imagine. Forget aboutforeplay! This is not lovemaking. You just fuck a hypnotized teen girl tough!After you had fucked her tight pussy, go for a tighter hole. Guessedwhere is that? Yeah, high time to make her asshole a bit wider. Maybeshe's a virgin down there? Check it out and deflower her sweet ass whileshe is hypnotized.

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Or maybe you always wanted to reach for her cute mouth with plump lipsand wet tongue? What did you want to do with them? Of course you did notwant kissing, forget the rubbish. These things were created to suck yourdick. Moreover, you've just left her asshole, and your buddy is a bitdirty, though he does like being clean. Let the bitch work on it. Youworked on her ass, now it's her turn. Make the hypnotized slut lickyour shaft as if it were a sugary ice cream. Let her polish it until itshines, remember about hygiene. Don't forget to make her lick the ballsalso, put them in her mouth and make her suck your scrotum and roll theballs in her mouth, gently and tenderly. However, it's definitelysucking time! Let the hypnotized girl diligently suck off everything yousaved up for her. But not up to the end, because you can't leave herpretty face without some fucking. Let her lie down comfortably, open hermouth so that you can insert your cock wet with saliva into her throat.Your balls will slap her chin and your cock's head will drive into herthroat, receiving more pleasure from her tonsils. Or maybe you likefucking her cheeks, stretching them with your hard stick? Wow! Howstretched are her cheeks, the face changes its expression as the dicktravels in there. What an unforgettable scene! No girl will allow you todo that, unless she is hypnotized.

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After all that you can't hold the pressure in your dick. The cumstruggles out of you and tears the dick from within. Where can you spillthis liquid? Don't forget there is a perfect place for your sperm, a hypnotized girl! Pump the cum in her mouth, come on, faster! Ohh! Butdon't swallow all that at once, babe. You want to enjoy the sight. Youcould fill a beer mug with that! OK, let the bitch swallow. Oh, don'tmake a face like this. This is pure protein, very healthy! A couple ofdrops left out, let her suck you dry.

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Yeah, this was a thorough fucking program. Time to wake her out of that trance. But remember to make her dress and wash her mouth, otherwise cumin the mouth will be a huge surprise. Now command her to wake up. And let her finally go home. The girl is used and now you don't need her anymore.

After this hypnosis session a girl will wonder why on earth her pussy is so wet, why the ass is sore as if she rode a seatless bicycle. What's wrong with the lips, why are they so swollen? She has no idea it is your cock to blame. Strange feelings in the throat, as if there is a cold coming. Maybe checking the tonsils is necessary? And what do this strange taste in the mouth and sticky substance on the teeth mean? Time to brush them.

That is the delight of hypnosis - you use the hypnotized flesh any way you want and even more. You have complete power over it, like an Egyptian emperor over his bondmaids. You hold no responsibility, like hedoes, because after the hypnosis is over the creatures have no idea what's been going on and what sluts they've been when hypnotized.

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